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Sync Systems means ensuring that your home technology all works in harmony together as it should do.

Your laptop, home computer, smart phone, tablet, TV, entertainment and sound systems can (and should) work in unison to make your life easier, not harder. We know all the secrets from years of experience of how to keep your home systems ticking along nicely while reaching their full potential.

Have you ever wanted to –

  • Control your TV from your mobile phone?
  • Check how warm your house is before you get there?
  • Have your photos automatically backed up as soon as you get home?
  • Be able to call up your photos, dvd collection, home movies and music library from anywhere?
  • Choose your music from the comfort of your sofa using your mobile or tablet and then play it in any room in your home?
  • Speed up your PC or Mac or give it more space without breaking the bank?

With our help you can!

These days brand new devices are being released every couple of months, all with very similar sounding specifications and component parts. Unless you’re a technology enthusiast it can all blur together very quickly and leave you completely baffled.

The reason they sound very similar is because most of the time they usually are very similar! Believe it or not, you don’t always have to go for the most expensive new device out there. Chances are, one of the cheaper options would actually suit you and your wallet better. You just need help identifying what exactly your requirements are and matching it up with the right products.

That’s where we come in – get in touch and we’ll come and have a chat with you about your needs. Once we’ve worked out together exactly what you’re looking for we’ll show you the options that best suit you (and the best price we can find it for as well). Once it arrives we will then configure it with the best options for your needs and then show you exactly how to use it.

How Does It All Work?

Invite us round for a chat

We'll be able to meet in the comfort of your own home and listen to what you'd like first hand. We might be able to provide solutions to your problems right away or may need to come back after doing a bit of research.

Installing all the new stuff

We'll take care of sourcing and ordering the best deals available, then arrange a time that suits you to get everything up and running.


Once everything is ready to go we'll come back and run through it all with you, answering any questions and soothing worries. After all, what good is technology if you can't use it to its full potential!

Interested? Why not get in touch!

Contact us by calling 01903 491 194 or 07815 936 464, send us an email – or message us using our contact form.